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This page contains important information for new users. Please read them before moving on.

About GameZip

We are made possible by the contributions of volunteers and donators. All sections are provided for free for everyone. No Ads, no paywall.

We do not collect nor process any user data. Cookies may be used locally to store user settings.

Contents are provided as-is. We are not responsible for any problems caused by the usage of any contents.

  • Are the resources safe to use?
    We only collect data from relatively reputable sources to reduce the likelihood of sharing broken or malicious content. That means, we only publish things that we are confident with, but there is no tachnical guarantee for their quality unless otherwise specified.

Some contents may have bundled Magnet links. They are based on P2P technologies and can expose your IP address. We recommend using a proxy or VPN to protect your online connection.

About our Discord server

  • What is it for?
    It is for announcements and reporting issues. You are welcome to ask for content updates.

  • What is it NOT for?
    It is not for asking technical questions. We encourage you to seek help elsewhere.

  • Ground rules
    People volunteer and use their own time to collect and share contents. We do not tolerate abusive or rude behavior on our server. Respect shall be earned, not given.

How to help GameZip

  • Seed resources
    Seeding benefits everyone by improving the access speed and availability of resources. Always use a proxy or VPN with encryption to protect your connections.

  • Donation
    Donation directly supports our operation. Donate Now!